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3 Ivorian companies, with the help of the Houphouët Boigny University, have decided to unite to offer you Innovative Solutions of:

  • Erosion control of slopes and embankments
  • Protection of the banks of rivers, canals and lagoon areas
  • Development of green spaces

These solutions from plant engineering use a locally produced and processed raw material, coconut fiber, a 100% natural product.

The coconuts wire mesh allow the protection of the soil while the vegetation can develop through the wire mesh of the product. This is particularly important in our countries where the rainy season can cause gullying of slopes and embankments. The durability of the coconut is 2 to 4 years.

The coconuts coils (or fascines) are used to stabilize the feet of river or lagoon banks by protecting them from the effects of wave action. These coils can receive plants adapted to the waterfront which, thanks to their roots, will help to strengthen the soil.

Coconut fiber is spun and then woven to make protective mesh for embankments or river borders.
It is also used as it is to make coils or "Fascines". These will be used to stabilize the riverbanks of the rivers or Lagoon.
It is the company FIBRIVOIRE, installed since 1988 in Grand Bassam, very close to the coconut plantations of the coast which transforms the coconut wads into cords then wire mesh or into coconut coils.

The company INEXENCE Réalisation - Africa puts its expertise of more than 20 years of erosion control work in Europe and in Africa, at the service of the Group to design and size the structures for the protection and stabilization of slopes and embankments or river banks (rivers, canals, lagoon, dikes...)

The Houphouët Boigny University, doctoral school in biology, health environment in Abidjan, ensures the identification and will of the most suitable and efficient plant species for revegetation as well as botanical monitoring of operations.

Finally, it is SIKA CORPORATION, created by 2 engineers from the ENSTP of Yamoussoukro, which is responsible for the construction of the works. In fact, the techniques stemming from plant engineering require, in the same way as civil engineering, skills in construction, organization of building sites, management of materials (machines) and human resources (qualified operators).

The advantages of our solutions are manifold:

    • Reliable and proven (coconut wire mesh have been used for soil protection for over 25 years, worldwide).
    • With immediate and durable effects  (the effectiveness is relayed then amplified by revegetation).
    • Ecological (the products are 100% biodegradable).
    • In perfect harmony with sustainable development (coconut fiber produced locally).
    • Socially interesting because they require significant manual work (high working force intensity).
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