Our Know-How

Supporting slopes, embankments, structures, platforms

Gravity walls in gabion boxes Reinforced embankments with mineral facades (Gabions, Terre Armée, etc.) Reinforced embankments with plant facades (Terramesh Vert, etc.) Reinforced embankments with concrete facades (Ecailles béton Macres, Terratrel, M3s) Free or masonry rockfill Gabion cladding of buildings with mineral or plant facades.

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Protection of coastlines, banks and hydraulic structures

Layers of gabions (river banks, canals, lagoons - dam overflows - dikes - coastlines) Box gabions (stream banks, stepped weirs, weirs...) Geosynthetics (geomats, geogrids, geotubes, etc.) Plant engineering (wooden boxes, fascines, weaving, lattice works, biodegradable geotextiles, cuttings, planting, seeding, etc.)

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INEXENCE Réalisation - Africa carried out its first projects in 2007 in Lobito (Angola): civil engineering work on the construction of a port quay extension, protection against erosion for a coastal zone and an industrial site. Following on from these examples, the adventure is ongoing, with local establishments in west Africa and the development of a network of partners.

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